23 September 2013: Strike of teachers, Greek Ministry of Education, Maroussi - Athens, Greece.

A snapshot from the teacher's strike in front of the Greek Ministry of Education in Maroussi, Athens. Riot police is inside the Ministry of Eduction and two pupils are on the fence hold the flag of Greek Federation of Secondary State School Teachers. Some close-up details from this photo are:


Photo-project/narrration: "Travellers without papers".

This is a photo-project about the immigration issue in Greece. It was made during the  workshop "Photography as a document" by photographers George Moutafis and Spyros Staveris / depression era workshop.


25 July 2015: Child-monks are playing football, Xiahe, China.

Child-monks are playing football in the village of Xiahe (autonomous region of Tibetian region Gansu), China. This image has been selected from the following set of images.



11 March 2013: Portrait of an indian couple inside a train, Myanmar.

This image has been the selected from the following set of images. In the images #66 and #68 a flash has been used as "fill-in" in order to regulate the light of the window in the right. Initially I selected the image #68 considering that has more soft colours due to "fill-in" flash. Later I like more the image #62 and #63 and the final image above is the image #62 (without "fill-in" flash). The feeling of grain is due to the digital noise of the camera sensor (Nikon D700), because the image has been shot in high-iso (6400 ASA in order to have fast shutter speed and regulate the train vibrations). I have also upload this image for the National Geographic contest of 2013.