December 2007: Eleni - Athens, Greece.

Before selecting this photograph (the first photograph from the left) I was thinking that a good photo is also the third (the photograph to the right side).


08-May-1997: Train station of Kiev, Ukraine.

A few days ago the Greek photographer Pericles Antoniou has been arrested in London/UK and sent to court for causing 'public harassment, alarm or distress' after taking and deleting pictures of a young girl in the London underground:
This amazing story reminds me a similar story with me a few years ago. In the photographs that you see in this post are shot in Kiev's train station on 08-May-1997. Because I was taking these photographs I was arrested. The police saw a foreigner with a photo-camera and thought that probably he is a "spy" or a "terrorist" ;-). In the police office I was trying to explain that I am tourist, I am taking photographs as an amateur photographer / "artist" etc etc.


1933 - HCB photograph in Italy.

Two days ago I was in a Sunday market in London and I found a kiosk selling photographs of famous photographers ie: Bill Bradt, Robert Doisneau, Annie Liebovitz etc.. Searching the photos I found this photograph that according to the labeling was shot by Henri Cartier Bresson, 1933 in Italy. The concept of this photograph is similar with the concept of a photo of mine that we have already seen in a previous post (August 2002: Dimitris - Samothrace):