17-Nov-2010: Tradition within the "Eid al-Adha"/"Festival of Sacrifice" , Komotini, Thrace, Greece.

These images are demonstrating the tradition that takes place in Komotini (Greece) every year during the Islamic celebration "Eid al-Adha" - "Festival of Sacrifice". Four films has been shot and the images that are presented are selected from the following contact sheets:


10-Oct-2010: Immigrants - refugees in the Fylakio detention center, Evros, Greece.

Immigrants - refugees that has crossed illegally the Greek-Turkish borders in Evros (Maritsa river) and has been arrested. The image is from Fylakio detention center, Evros, Greek-Turkish borders. This image has been selected from the following set of images (both black and white and color):
The following image is a panoramic view of the detention center Fylakio. This image is also mine and I have uploaded to wikipedia (commons):
20101009 Fylakio detention center for immigrants refugees Thrace Evros Greece
This is a documentary video (20 min - English narration - Greek subtitles) by the Norwegian TV about the immigration flows n Greece. After the 7:53 minutes you can see scenes from the Fylakio detention center:


22-Jul-2010: Roma - Krioneri, Mesologi, Greece.

The film which was used was Kodak Tri-X 400ASA pushed at ASA.  These images has been selected from the following set of images:
In order to get the feeling how the original landscape looks like there is also this color image (shot be digital camera). According to the gps unit of the digital camera the location of all these images is this.



15-Jul-2009: Popova Sapka (self-portrait), FYRO-Macedonia.

This photograph has been selected from the following set of images:
Approximately the same photo in color-digital (shot  here according to the gps of the digital camera) look like this:


20-Sep-2010: Marmaritsa beach - women's legs, Maronia, Rhodope, Thrace, Greece.

Usually I don't upload color photographs (most of the photos in this blog are made by film). This photo is the result of image editing. Hugin software has been used for stitching 2 images, and image processing has been applied in order the bag (left to the legs) to be removed. The source images of this stitching are in this image: