March 2007: SiXT Advertisement, in airport in Germany.

Last March (2007) I was travelling in Germany and these photos are from an advertisement of car-rental company SiXT in the airport. We see several police officers from different countries/uniforms.
I find these photographs very interesting, and I like most the expressions of the portraits in these photos. All the photographs have a sense of humour. ;-)
The large grain in the photographs is because of my black & white film that I have used. General speaking the large grain in the portrait photography is a nice effect.

Update 3-Jul-2007: The translation from German language of the advertisement is "Natural enemies of our customers. (And how they become friends anyway)".


22/24-Jun-2007: Samothrace.

Last weekend I was in Samothrace and here are some of my photos from my trip. The first of these photos formalistically speaking is interesting. As we see the landscape of Samothrace reminds is mountain landscape. Samothrace is famous for these waterfalls and these small lakes, and not for the beaches.

The next photo, the sunset is from the village "Profitis Hlias" from the terrace of the old-Greek coffee-shop.

Unfortunately July-August Samothrace is overcrowded. Most of the visitors prefer camping in Samothrace. There is a camping owned by the municipality of Samothrace which is extremely expensive without facilities (i.e. 3 euros per tent, 3,5 euros per person, and 1,5 euro for motorcycle).


Aug-2002: Samothrace.

Tommorow I will be in Samothrace for holidays and I am publishing some photographs from that island. Samothace is an island famous for it rivers, its waterfalls and the natural lakes. There is a blog dedicated to Samothrace by the blogger from Samothrace: alpiega at the address: http://samothrace.wordpress.com/.

If you search this blog you will find my posts about Samothrace: my video Samothrace.Odyssey, the beach "Kipi" and the photo of my friend Dimitri.


July-1994: Omi, Cora & Dan, Bucuresti, Romania.

Today, while searching in my old negatives I found this image which is shot July 1994, in Bucuresti, Romania. These "children" that you see in that photo where collegues of mine in the Technical University of Bucharest.
Teodor Topoliceanu Omar works as a graphical designer in Bucharest, Romania and he spends most of his time on experiencing yoga.
About Corina Baczai (Cora) we do not know about her currnet life. 7-8 years ago I recieved from her a postcard from China. Nobody knows where she is now. ;-) Cora if you read this lines (probably you found this posting searching on internet), leave a feedback to us ;-). Dan Turcu works today as a professional photographer in Satu Mare (it is a city in Romania on the border with Hungary and Ukraine). The reason that I published this photo is because of him ;-), today he created a personal blog: http://dantphotography.blogspot.com/, where he will be publishing his work.

By the way, artisticaly speaking I like the above photo and I find the composition quite interesting. This photo was shot with a Russian Zenit camera and the film that has been used was a Romanian Azomures film at 100 ASA.


Jul-Aug 1999: Child in a small street in Aleppo, Syria.

The most beautiful city in Syria is Aleppo. This photograph is from the muslim district in the center of the city (around the Aleppo Citadel). In the map of Syria from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syria we can see the location of Aleppo city:


Jul-Aug 1999: Three men, Aleppo, Syria.

This photo is from the center of Aleppo in Syria. As you can see from the next image (which is part of the contact sheet) I have shot 3 photographs of these three men and I choose only the first photograph. Part of the art in photography is the ability of the photographer to select the best of his photos.
In the above photo I like the expressions of the portraits and the fact that all the men look directly to the lens:
This is also an interesting detail of the photograph that I like. ;-) In Syria, in the summer time most people are wearing slippers outdoors.


Jul-Aug 1999: Tomas, ggia, Syria.

The last years I am using as an avatar my photo from Syria (ie. my avatar in blogger profile). Today I am publishing some photos from Syria.

I visited Syria July-August 1999 through the student exchange program IAESTE (it is an work-exchange program for students coming from technical universities). Using this program I was working in the university of Aleppo (Syria). Travelling / living in Syria was one of the best and memorable experiences. One of the friends that I have made in Syria was Tomáš Truneček (Czech) which you can see together with me in the last 2 photos and in the 2nd photograph with the arabs. Lately (April 2007) while visiting Prague I visited Tomáš. Now he is a manager of a journal for dentists in the firm Stomateam. ;-)

Photographically speaking I find interesting the first 2 photos, but in the first photo I don't like that the fingers of the arabs are cropped. In the second photograph I like the composition of the people.


A video about Imvros - Gökçeada island: "Imvros & Tenedos a glimpse of home".

The video "Imvros & Tenedos a glimpse of home" is about the Islands of Imvros/Gökçeada and Tenedos/Boczaada that belong to Turkey and the human rights of the native Greek habitants of the island. In September 2006 this video has been distributed to the European Parliament this week. I published in my previous post many photos of Imvros island. From this video you can find more information about the island (it is in english language).