20-Dec-2007: Teius Train station, Transylvania, Romania.

These two photographs are shot using black & white film Kodak T-MAX 3200ASA in Teius train station in Transylvania (20-Dec-2007). Kodak T-MAX 3200 is a very sensitive film, ideal for night shots and the situations with low light conditions. If you use this film in daily light has a lot of disadvantages: has a high contrast, dark tones in the photo are black and light parts of the image are white. Another characteristic of this film is the hard grain. This hard grain some photographers are using it creatively but some others they hate it (since the photo has low resolution and a lot of noise / grain). An example of this high grain of this film we can see in the next image which is cropped from the second photograph:
The above two photographs has been selected from the following set of photographs which I shot in that train station:



As we already seen in a previous post March 2007: face2faceproject.com the work of photographers JR + marco in Israel, the face2face project (the site don't work with firefox, needs explorer ;-(). Their idea was to make funny portraits of Jews and Palestinians using wide-angle 28mm lens and expose them on the Palestinian wall and the in Israel.

JR + marco's 28 millimeter project: Using a wide-angle lens (ie. 28mm) you have both barrel and perspective distortion. So JR + marco are using 28mm lens in order their portraits to look funny but also like caricatures. The above photograph is from Paris where they recently exposed their portraits from Israel. More photos from this exposition you can see at the post: JR + marco from the blog BEE-ZEE.

The next video is about a previous work of photographers: JR + marco. Using 28mm lenses they shot funny portraits of immigrants living in ghetto areas in France. Note: When you shoot portraits using a 28mm lens you have to be very close to the face as you can see in the video.
The following video is from the project face2face project at the wall of Palestine.
The following video is from their exposition in Paris.


8-Dec-2007: Demonstration against the modification of the abortion law, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This photograph is from the demonstration (8-Dec-2007) against the modification of the law about abortions in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This photograph has been shot with wide-angle 28mm lens and the whole set of photographs (from where I selected it as the best) is in the following image:


16-Dec-2007: Graffiti at Berlin Wall, Germany.

The above graffiti is shot with black & white film TMAX 100ASA at the Berlin Wall, December 2007. A color version of the graffiti is the next image (shot with a simple digital camera):
Most of the graffities at the wall are colored (this one is an exception) but I shot them with black & white film. The black & white photograph of a color graffiti sometimes gives the impression of painting drawn with pencil / carbon.


27-Apr-2005: Budapest, Hungary.

In the "contact sheet" below we see the full set of the photographs taken from the above subject. The image is the 3rd in the row.