31-Mar-2007: Chara in Exarchia, Athens, Greece.

Recently (31-March-2007) I was with two friends (Chara & Yiannis) in Exarchia/Athens. I shot one b&w film my friends and in this post you see two selected pictures from Chara. The first photo was shot against light but with some masking in photoshop you see that the result is fine. In the next photo I like the composition with Chara in the middle between the "flush toilet" and the posters of anarchists.

Update 9-May-2007: The shop behind Chara in the second photograph is the shop "Koukoutsi" which sells interesting t-shirts from all around the world.


Jan-2007: London.

In the end of January and beginning of February 2007 I was travelling in Sheffield, London (UK), Lyon and Paris (France). I have shot 2-3 black & white films but when I come back in Athens I found that the shutter release mechanism of my camera was broken and only few pictures has been developed.

These are two interesting pictures that I shot in London (most of my photographs failed because of my broken camera). In the first picture is there is a view from my room in the Hotel which I stayed in London (Arran House Hotel) and the second one is from the city tour. I visited London for a first time and for a short time (for 1 day).


12-Oct-2005: Balkanatolia "Bir" - Demo CD.

This is the Demo CD "Bir" from the music group Balkanatolia that we saw in the previous post. This photo was taken in summer 2001 while traveling from Athens to Paros island.


15-May-2006: Balkanatolia music group, Train Station of Komotini, Rodopi, Greece.

These photos are from the music group "Balkanatolia" from the city Komotini, Rodopi, Greece. These photographs of the group has been shot in the train station of Komotini on May 2006. The music group is consisting of Greek and Turkish musicians (multi-ethnic balkan group) and Balkanatolia's music is "ethnic" music from Turkey and Greece. The heart of the group is my friend Halil Mustafa (the last photo is a portrait of him).