2-Dec-2009: Thracian bagpipers, Didymoteicho, Evros, Greece.

These photos are also uploaded to the article about bagpipers @ el.wikpedia and they have been selected from the following set:
In the following video you can hear two bagpipers from these photographs:


2-May-2009: Romanian street brass band, Gordon's Wine Bar, London, UK.

I have used Nikon D700 @6400 ASA and the photo is shot in the exterior of Gordon's Wine Bar, London. The following video is also mine, you can hear these musicians:


5-Jul-2009: Graffiti / girls, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This photo is selected from the following two images. The location of this scene is here according to the gps unit of the camera ;-) .
I tried to convert the image to black and white and the result is not so bad: