16-Dec-1996: (engraving) Portrait in a train, while travelling Oradea -> Cluj, Romania.

This engraving is based in my photograph which you can see beneath (posted here in this blog). It is a work of a friend who is an artist (Ioanna Zikidou).


Dec-1994: Street photo of people in "Piata Romana" square, Bucharest, Romania.

Searching my old negatives I found this image shot December 1994 in Bucharest Romania. Quite interesting part is the gaze of the man in the right, who is the only one who saw me taking this picture. The film is 100 ASA Azomures (Romanian company producing photographic films) but the grain is due to the film quality and film developing (the chemical used was also by Azomures).


4-Jul-2011: Indignados action, Syntagma square, Athens, Greece.

 It is quite interesting the 7th image.. but a little bit more interesting of all is this image where there are 3 different eyes expressions.