26-Aug-2007: Marriage of Sofia, Crete island, Greece.

The first photograph is interesting because both faces are not visible but it is easy to imagine/"see" the expression of the couple. The second photograph is also interesting but it looks like "folklore" type of photo. In the following image we see all the set of the photographs that was taken in that marriage: From these 73 photographs 10 was chosen as the best of and we can see them in the following image. From these 10 photographs we selected the 2 that are presented in this article.


29-Apr-2008: Portrait of young boy, Çınarl, Gökçeada (Imbros), Turkey.

In the photo we see a portrait of young Turkish boy (it may be also Kurdish since in Gökçeada island there are living many kurdish people). This photo has been selected from the following images:
It is interesting to present the full set of photographs that I shot in this particular scene (and I selected to show the above portrait) with all the children around the car: