29-Jan-2005: Children, Rodopi mountains, Greek-Bulgarian borders.

The village of Mirtiski is a village in the north part of Greece on the Rodopi mountains at the Greek-Bulgarian borders. All the villages of that region are quite isolated from the rest of Greece and probably that region is one of the poorest of European union. The people in that region are belonging to the Muslim religion minority of Greece and they speak Turkish/pomak-slavic languages as main languages.


July-2005: Samothrace.Odyssey

With this video I have been participated to the film festival Micropolis (documentary section) organized by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 2005-2006. The video won the 3rd price for its music. The music is from the greek music group "On The Corner" from Komotini city.

Generaly speaking I don't like really a lot this movie.. but there are some scenes really interesting. Like the one with the leafs and some others close-by the river at the end of the movie.

This was my first work on video/video editting.