10-Oct-2010: Immigrants - refugees in the Fylakio detention center, Evros, Greece.

Immigrants - refugees that has crossed illegally the Greek-Turkish borders in Evros (Maritsa river) and has been arrested. The image is from Fylakio detention center, Evros, Greek-Turkish borders. This image has been selected from the following set of images (both black and white and color):
The following image is a panoramic view of the detention center Fylakio. This image is also mine and I have uploaded to wikipedia (commons):
20101009 Fylakio detention center for immigrants refugees Thrace Evros Greece
This is a documentary video (20 min - English narration - Greek subtitles) by the Norwegian TV about the immigration flows n Greece. After the 7:53 minutes you can see scenes from the Fylakio detention center: