27-May-2007: Portraits - Zeytinli, Gökçeada / Imroz, Turkey.

In the above two photographs we see 2 Greeks (minority) from the village "Άγιοι Θεόδωροι" / Zeytinli of Gökçeada / Imroz island (27 May 2007). The above two pictures have been selected from the following set:
In the following photograph we see the Turkish coffee-shop of the village "Άγιοι Θεόδωροι" of Gökçeada / Imroz island (27-May-2007). It is a tradition to stick notes or photos on the wall of the shop.. and in the photo you see the wall full of notes!The above photo has been selected from the following set of photographs:


29-May-1995: Rom at the metro station Grozavesti, Bucharest, Romania.

Searching my old negatives from 1995 I found this photograph. It is shot in the region of Grozavesti metro station. Many things have changed in that area since 1995. Nowadays there are some huge malls has been built.

The full set of photographs that I have shot are in the following contact sheet. Interesting photograph is also 6 and 7. The quality of the photo is bad (high contrast) because that time I was using Romanian Azomures films at 100 ASA. Observe the high grain of the photo, even the film is low speed!