29-Oct-2008: "Beatnik night" organized by blog "Οι.. Barouak" @ Guerrilla Cinematography, Athens.

Alexis Darasal barouak
These photos are from the "Beatnik night" at Guerrilla Cinematography in Athens 29-October-2008 (organized by "Οι.. barouak" Greek blog). Technically speaking, these photos are shot using TMAX 3200ASA using the ambient light of the room. The full set of photos it is in the following image:


14-Sep-2008: ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

The photo is from the "Art center of technology and media - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM)" in Karlsruhe, Germany. The object in the photo is made of cigarette-packets and in the floor there is a mirror.

The photography is a little bit grainny and foggy. It has grain because it is shot with 400 ASA black & white film / pushed at 1600 ASA. It is foggy because it was a mistake during the film development in the developing tank! Because the tank was not closed well the top part of the film was accidently exposed to the light. In this photograph we see that mostly the top part of the film was exposed (accidently) to the light, and the result was the foggy-effect. This kind of phenomenon is called solarisation or sabattier effect. During solarisation effect here, the dark part of the film become grey/white (foggy effect). This technique has been used a lot by photographer Man Ray.


27-Sep-2008: Autumn in Berlin, Germany.

The interesting thing in that photograph is the formalistic game between the lines of the road, the leafs and the shadows.


14-Dec-2008: Parking place in Leipzig, Germany.

This photo has been selected from the following set of photos (contact sheet):
The building with graffiti at the background can been seen in the following color photograph (shotted by me with a cheap digital camera):


16-Aug-2008: Fishes at the port of Rethimnon, Crete, Greece.

The following photographs are cropped version of the above photographs. Here you can observe the close-up / small details.The full set of the photographs shotted are shown in the following image:


Jul-Aug 1999: Portraits from Syria (Aleppo, Maalola).

The second image is a crop of the first photograph. Both photos are from Aleppo, Syria. Aleppo is one of the most beautiful cities in Syria.
The above two portraits are from the village Maalola which is north of Damascus, at the borders with Lebanon.


20-Feb-2005: Wind turbines in Rodope, north Greece, 16-Aug-2006: Wind turbines in Bozcaada / Tenedos island, Turkey.

These photos (having the wind turbines) are from the mountains of Rodope in north Greece (boarder between Greece and Bulgaria).
These wind turbines are from the Turkish island Bozcaada / Tenedos. Photographs from this place we have already seen in a previous post.