Jan-2007: London.

In the end of January and beginning of February 2007 I was travelling in Sheffield, London (UK), Lyon and Paris (France). I have shot 2-3 black & white films but when I come back in Athens I found that the shutter release mechanism of my camera was broken and only few pictures has been developed.

These are two interesting pictures that I shot in London (most of my photographs failed because of my broken camera). In the first picture is there is a view from my room in the Hotel which I stayed in London (Arran House Hotel) and the second one is from the city tour. I visited London for a first time and for a short time (for 1 day).


  1. Nice pics you've got here!

  2. Welcome to the blog..

    I hope that you like the blog.. and if you need further information about the photos ask.

    This english version of my blog is a minimal version of the Greek version (in the Greek version of this blog I write more text about the photos that I publish!).