20-Dec-2007: Teius Train station, Transylvania, Romania.

These two photographs are shot using black & white film Kodak T-MAX 3200ASA in Teius train station in Transylvania (20-Dec-2007). Kodak T-MAX 3200 is a very sensitive film, ideal for night shots and the situations with low light conditions. If you use this film in daily light has a lot of disadvantages: has a high contrast, dark tones in the photo are black and light parts of the image are white. Another characteristic of this film is the hard grain. This hard grain some photographers are using it creatively but some others they hate it (since the photo has low resolution and a lot of noise / grain). An example of this high grain of this film we can see in the next image which is cropped from the second photograph:
The above two photographs has been selected from the following set of photographs which I shot in that train station:

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