As we already seen in a previous post March 2007: face2faceproject.com the work of photographers JR + marco in Israel, the face2face project (the site don't work with firefox, needs explorer ;-(). Their idea was to make funny portraits of Jews and Palestinians using wide-angle 28mm lens and expose them on the Palestinian wall and the in Israel.

JR + marco's 28 millimeter project: Using a wide-angle lens (ie. 28mm) you have both barrel and perspective distortion. So JR + marco are using 28mm lens in order their portraits to look funny but also like caricatures. The above photograph is from Paris where they recently exposed their portraits from Israel. More photos from this exposition you can see at the post: JR + marco from the blog BEE-ZEE.

The next video is about a previous work of photographers: JR + marco. Using 28mm lenses they shot funny portraits of immigrants living in ghetto areas in France. Note: When you shoot portraits using a 28mm lens you have to be very close to the face as you can see in the video.
The following video is from the project face2face project at the wall of Palestine.
The following video is from their exposition in Paris.

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