22/24-Jun-2007: Samothrace.

Last weekend I was in Samothrace and here are some of my photos from my trip. The first of these photos formalistically speaking is interesting. As we see the landscape of Samothrace reminds is mountain landscape. Samothrace is famous for these waterfalls and these small lakes, and not for the beaches.

The next photo, the sunset is from the village "Profitis Hlias" from the terrace of the old-Greek coffee-shop.

Unfortunately July-August Samothrace is overcrowded. Most of the visitors prefer camping in Samothrace. There is a camping owned by the municipality of Samothrace which is extremely expensive without facilities (i.e. 3 euros per tent, 3,5 euros per person, and 1,5 euro for motorcycle).

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  1. Nice place !! I like the first photo.