July-1994: Omi, Cora & Dan, Bucuresti, Romania.

Today, while searching in my old negatives I found this image which is shot July 1994, in Bucuresti, Romania. These "children" that you see in that photo where collegues of mine in the Technical University of Bucharest.
Teodor Topoliceanu Omar works as a graphical designer in Bucharest, Romania and he spends most of his time on experiencing yoga.
About Corina Baczai (Cora) we do not know about her currnet life. 7-8 years ago I recieved from her a postcard from China. Nobody knows where she is now. ;-) Cora if you read this lines (probably you found this posting searching on internet), leave a feedback to us ;-). Dan Turcu works today as a professional photographer in Satu Mare (it is a city in Romania on the border with Hungary and Ukraine). The reason that I published this photo is because of him ;-), today he created a personal blog: http://dantphotography.blogspot.com/, where he will be publishing his work.

By the way, artisticaly speaking I like the above photo and I find the composition quite interesting. This photo was shot with a Russian Zenit camera and the film that has been used was a Romanian Azomures film at 100 ASA.


  1. Sometimes I miss those times.
    Thank You.

  2. Looking to the negatives from 1994 (13 years ago) is like making personal "archeological excavations".

    Now Dan you have a blog, so we will keep in touch more often!

  3. very nice pic. congrats

  4. @Seok4

    This photo seems it was shot 30 years ago ;-). Probably this is the reason that you like it..

  5. Yeah, it's a good shot! Probably because of the 3 different positions and poses. Btw, i love that crop thing with their current whereabouts underneath.. gives it a intens nostalgic feel!

  6. @kris

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog ;-).

  7. I do miss those times ... and playing the guitar in Herastrau :-) I missed you guys, the pictures are great, and the memories, yeah, the memories ... Thank you ...

  8. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Hi, I was your and Teo colleague in Politehnica univ in 93. I came over this blog completely by hazard. I am currently living in Paris.
    Kisses to everybody,

    1. Ce email ai? Cu putem sa conectam?