Jul-Aug 1999: Tomas, ggia, Syria.

The last years I am using as an avatar my photo from Syria (ie. my avatar in blogger profile). Today I am publishing some photos from Syria.

I visited Syria July-August 1999 through the student exchange program IAESTE (it is an work-exchange program for students coming from technical universities). Using this program I was working in the university of Aleppo (Syria). Travelling / living in Syria was one of the best and memorable experiences. One of the friends that I have made in Syria was Tomáš Truneček (Czech) which you can see together with me in the last 2 photos and in the 2nd photograph with the arabs. Lately (April 2007) while visiting Prague I visited Tomáš. Now he is a manager of a journal for dentists in the firm Stomateam. ;-)

Photographically speaking I find interesting the first 2 photos, but in the first photo I don't like that the fingers of the arabs are cropped. In the second photograph I like the composition of the people.

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