12-Feb-2012: Snowy landscape - Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

These images has been selected from the following set of image. In the beginning I was think to publish only the first image (more "classic style" image), but the composition of the second image seems also interesting. I like the composition of the palm tree between the minarets and the geometry with the column and the cables within the composition. This kind of "black & white" landscape seems better in black and white film rather shot in colour-digital form.


8-Jul-2011: Woman in the ship, travelling from Lavrio to Kavala, Aegean sea, Greece.

In this photograph it interesting the composition of the vertical lines in the bag and the scandals and the eccentric watch. This image has been selected from the following set of images:

26-Sep-2010: 18th-19th century bridge, Kompsatos river, Rhodope,Thrace, Greece.

This panoramic image is made by hugin stitching software using the following images:
This image is also distributed under free license from the commons of wikipedia. The river Kompsatos is near-by the village of Iasmos. Also this image, which is distributed under a free license is also mine. It is the same scene 3 days earlier (the river is not muddy).


19-Sep-2010: Marmaritsa beach - Active fault between Maronia and Makri, Rhodope, Thrace, Greece.

This is a stitched panorama by software hugin. Some post processing has been made over the stitched panorama (curved horizon correction) etc. This image is almost 160 degrees panoramic. These are the images that this stitched panorama is made of.