July-2002: Unexplored Kea (Greek island).

We are in Kea island July-2002 and the greek album of Nikos Papazogloy "Haratsi" is playing from the CD-player of the car when I shot that photo.

Kea is an island which is located very close to Athens but it doesn't has mass tourism. A very interesting part of the island is the southeast which is completely unexplored (look the map).

I will not present an touristic article about Kea but I will present you some photos of the area around (where the original black & white photo was shoot).

This lighhouse is in the most south part of the island.

The road on the way to the light house.
The beach of "Kaliskia" (Καλησκιά), is an ideal place for free camping.

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  1. I like that place. Seems quiet and remote.