1-May-2007: Chiliadou beach, Evia island, Greece.

Yesterday 1-May-2007 I was in the Chilidou beach in Evia. This beach is around 160Kms far away from Athens.
The photos above are from the nudist beach of Chiliadou. Chiliadou beach is an ideal place for free camping. The best time of the year to visit this beach is Spring and early in Summer because in the summer the beach is overcrowded.
The above beach is an isolated beach that you can reach by feet, following the steep trekking path from the nudist beach (look the red path on the photo).
In the beginning of the beach there is a place grown with planes. Many campers are camping in this area during the summer time.
The above old bus is used as a caravan ;-). 10-15 years ago in Chiliadou beach you could only find campers, a few caravans and some restaurants! Nowadays you can find many hotels, rooms to let, restaurants and even a night club ;).

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  1. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Hello, I am a foreigner living in Greece, I found these photos of Chiliadou after google it. I am thinking to go camping there, is there public toilet and tap water?
    Thank you.