22-Sep-2007: Stencil (Jopy) and a video-blog commercial on a wall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The link that you see in the center of the photograph is http://youtube.com/BeJTube (BejTube Chanell from youtube).

A few minutes ago, before uploading this photograph, I checked the above link by curiosity. It is a video-blog from two American girls. The period that I shot this photograph (22-Sep-2007) they were traveling to Europe and I suppose they were sticking these stickers with their logo wherever they were going.

Looking to their channel I see they don't have many visits. In their videos they try a lot to become popular. In example, in the video they try to dance sexy, they shake their bodies etc etc. ;-). Look the following video:

Shall I start also sticking stickers about my blog when I travel, in order to increase the numbers of visitors of this blog? ;-)

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