7..9-Dec-2007: Stayokey youth hostel Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A few days ago I was for a meeting in the Netherlands (Eindhoven), but I am stayed 3 extra days in Amsterdam. Many of the people that do not know me well, asked me where I find all the money and I travel so much. The answer is simple, if you want to travel on budget, it is not necessary to have a lot of money but being a little flexible. For example, in Amsterdam I have stayed at Stayokey youth hostel. The mixed dorm room there cost 22.8 € (the price includes a satisfactory breakfast). Here are some photographs from the hostel:
The above room is the breakfast place. From the windows you have directly view over the canal.
The dormitories are not something really special and not very clean. Some beds close by the window have a view over the canal.
Unfortunately, the shared areas of the hostel are few tables in font of the reception.
In each room there are available closets. In order to lock your luggages you need to have a locker otherwise you have to buy one for 3€ from the reception. Of course this does not apply to all Hostels in Europe. For example in Germany if you do not have a locker, you can borrow one from the reception. The Dutchs are trying from everything to earn money! :-)

This is not the best hostel I have stayed but there is a general problem with hotels in the Netherlands. Most of them are expensive without being so good. For example in Eindhoven I stayed at Holiday Inn where a room costs 190€ per night. The room had a dirty carpet, in the air you could smell the smell of cigarettes and I wasn't satisfied for some services (for example the internet was very expensive / 22€ for 24 hours internet).


  1. went to that place some years ago. And for those 20 euros you also get a bunch of noisy and stupid american teenagers in the same room!

  2. I can say that it was quite during my stay. May-be because I visited Amsterdam Winter-time..

    I will publish some photos of the youth hostel that I have stayed in Berlin (last weekend), there was much, much better..