Where can I buy a Leica camera? Useful information.

The German firm Leica is considered one of the best (and one of the most expensive) of film cameras. They say that Leica lenses and cameras (film cameras) are the best in the world. I can say, from my personal experience (I own 2 SLR Leica R4 bodies and three lenses), that Leica camera/lenses are very expensive comparing quality/value with other firms (ie Nikon, Canon etc). For example a camera body of Leica R probably is a a little better from a much cheaper one of ie. Nikon FM2 or F3. Also an expensive lens of Leica 50mm/1.4 it can be a little better that a much cheaper lens with the same characteristics from Nikon/Minolta.

By the way, Leica has solid, metallic and beautiful cameras/lenses. Nowadays, many photographers buy digital cameras and they sell their old cameras in very low prices. A paradise of buying a used Leica camera/lens is the Leica shop in Berlin. All the cameras that you see in the above two photographs (shot by my mobile phone) are from that shop.

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