20-March-2012: kids - Jodhpur (poster my exposition of photography from India), India.

This photograph has been selected as a poster for my exposion of photography that will take place in a local cafe in Komotini, Greece on 21 of June 2012. The poster of the exposition is bellow and the image has been cropped a little bit to the right. The design of the poster is from graphic designer Vaso (link spagheti design). Some encyclopedic information about Jodhpur (this city is called also as "the blue city"): The blue color in the past was used only by Brahmani high cast (blue house was a house of a higher cast). Later this color was used by lower casts because people believed that this color enhance the cooling of the house and expels the mosquitoes ;-). More cities in the region of Rajastan in India have this blue color, ie. Bundi.
  •  Jodhpur (article at en.wikipedia).
This is the full set of images where this image has been selected:

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