Aug-2005/Aug-2006: Documentary movie "Traditional Oil Wrestling in Rodope: Chilia and Alantepe".

All these photographs are screen shots from the next videos. In these videos there is a remake of the videos of the previous post and I added also videos from Chilia oil wrestling.

Part 1/3: Aug-2005 Chilia.
Part 2/3: Aug-2006 Alantepe.
Part 3/3: Aug-2006 Alantepe.
The next days I will be traveling in the Balkans (Former Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia) and when I will be back I will try to give a link with the full DVD version of the above videos if somebody wants to download it (here the quality of the video within the youtube is bad). As you see, in the videos everything is in Greek language ;-). When I will find some time I will add also English subtitles for the non-Greek audience of this blog ;-).

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