27-May-2007: Abandoned house in Agridia (Tepeköy ), Gökçeada, Turkey. Form and content in photography, Nikos Economopoulos.

Lately I was discussing with a friend what is form in the photography and what is a formalistic photograph. These two photos are examples of formalistic photographs. These photos are from an abandoned house in Agridia (Tepeköy), in Gökçeada island, Turkey. Let's see the aesthetics of this photographs:


The interesting point in that photographs are the shadows/lights, the general composition and the texture of the abandoned house. So you say that the content in these photos is missing and they are interesting mostly for their form.


Both photographs has been shot from the same point but with a different lens. In the first photo a 24mm (wide-angle) lens has been used and in the second photograph a 50mm (normal) lens. We can see the different aesthetic result. Personally in my pictures I like a lot the aesthetics of the 50mm (normal) lens, but here I think that is more interesting the composition made with the 24mm lens.

Form + Content:

Probably a good photo should have good form with content (and of course shot from a good angle). A good formalist photographs can be impressive only in first views. The next photograph is from the Greek magnum photographer Niko Economopoulo (shot in 1993 in Epirus). This photo combines both good form and interesting content (= it is an excellent photo ;).
When I look in good photos like this one you realize how average photos I make ;-). More about the photographer you can find in the link: http://www.ontheroad.gr/ and to the link http://www.magnumphotos.com.

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