Aug-2007: Sarajevo Film Festival: "j'aime le cinema! et j'aime sarajevo!".

A few days ago I visited Sarajevo and I was impressed by the posters of the Sarajevo film festival which takes place these days (Sarajevo Film Festival 17-25/8/2007) but also the image of the 4 girls in a central coffee house in the city. In the poster of the film festival the slogan is in French: j'aime le cinema! et j'aime sarajevo! = I love cinema! and I love sarajevo. Sarajevo (and Bosnia i Hertegovina) is a very interesting place for a visit. Many buildings that has been destroyed during the war in Bosnia has been renovated/reconstructed and Sarajevo is again a touristic attraction (I visited Sarajevo first time in 1997, one year after the end of war, where big part of the city was destroyed).
Let's see some details from the above photograph:You can say that Sarajevo is the Prague of the Balkans.

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  1. thanks for the video tip. amazing I hope these guy will stay locked up for a while.
    what are they saying on the video?