25-May-2008: Interview with my friend / photographer Dan Turcu, Satu Mare, Romania.

Oveview of this 14minutes video (it is in English language): Dan Turcu is my friend since 1993. We were colleagues in the technical university of Bucharest. Today Dan Turcu works as a freelance photographer in Satu Mare, Romania (this city is at the boarders between Romania and Hungary/Ukraine). Dan Turcu has his own photographic studio and he makes photographic albums of students that they finished their high school. One of the "secrets" of Dan's work is that he modifies the photographs using a photo-editing software. In his modified photos, even an "ugly" person looks beautiful. The students like these modifications and they buy his photos.

Technical details of the video: We used the high definition camera του Dan, in his home on Sunday 25-May-2008. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time (just 2 hours because I had to rush and catch a train). Dan recently bought an HD-camera and a blue-ray recorder in order to make videos of weddings. We made this video together with Dan in order to explain to Dan how we make a video (shooting, thinking about story-telling etc).

We already saw in a previous post a photo of Dan from 1994:
Dan Turcu 1994 :-).

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