13..17-Oct-2007: Sherstone youth hostel, Moscow, Russia. Travel tips.

In this post I will write to write some practical details of my recent visit in Moscow. Moscow is one of the most expensive cities (like London). Prices are overestimated and you can pay really a lot of money for an average quality room.

A budget option is to stay in a hostel, and the above photographs are from the Sherstone hostel where I have stayed during my short visit in Moscow. The price for a person in a 4 persons dormitory is 27€ (without a breakfast). I have to mention that Sherstone Hostel (also most hostels in Moscow) are not real hostels but rooms within a big hotel managed by the hostel owner.

These photographs are interesting to see the soviet Hotel's aesthetics (look the decoration of the room, the curtains etc).
Some of my roommates in the hostel was Lewis (UK / first photo) and Jamal (Malaysia / second photo). We had interesting discussions about travel destinations. Jamal proposed to visit Uzbekistan (before Moscow he was traveling there, and he said that it is safe for visiting as a tourist) and Lewis told me about his trip, a few years ago, in Balkan countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece).

Even Moscow has really expensive restaurants, cafes everyday I had a breakfast in the following kiosk close by the hostel (at Petrovsko market).
The people from the kiosk like me ;-), and every morning they were smiling to me ;-).. The above breakfast (2 pieces of pies + coffee) cost around 40 Rubles (around 1,1€).


  1. Thanks for some great tips! The images are also based on high quality. I expect more updates to travel Soviet union .