17-Oct-2007: Visit at the house/museum of Vladimir Lenin, Moscow, Russia.

In this post we will see some photographs from the house in Moscow/Russia that Vladimir Lenin have lived. In the first photo we see the grave / mausoleum of Lenin in Red Square in Moscow (behind you can see Kremlin).
The Lenin's house / museum is located a few Kms outside Moscow. Here you see the entrance of the museum. 99% of the signs in Mosocw are in Cyrillic alphabet ;-).
Here we see external view of the house/museum of Lenin. In the next photographs we can see some rooms of the interior of the house. Notice that the house has wonderful view at the forest.
The decoration comparing to the nowadays aesthetics may look kitsch. Notice the details on the paintings, furniture of the rooms.
It is very interesting the Lenin's car. Look the technology used on the wheels ;-).
Very interesting is the electrical board installation of the house ;-)!

Something that I didn't like to the museum is that they charge 100 rubles (=3euros) if you want to have the permission to make photographs inside the house. I suppose that Lenin wouldn't like his house to be used as "a capitalistic product". I didn't pay the photographic fee and the people in the museum finally didn't forbid us to make photographs.

The following video is from the movie of Theo Aggelopoulos: "Ulysse's Gaze". We see the scene of the transportation of the statue of Lenin with a boat in Dunarea river, Romania:

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