Oct-1996 and Aug-2007: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hertegovina.

In this post we will se photographs from Sarajevo, most of them shot in October 1996 (one year after the end of Bosnian war and dayton agreement) and a few from my last visit last August 2007. These photographs are interesting as documentary photographs. Sarajevo is much more different from the following photographs. Most of the building has been repaired and Sarajevo is a turistic city, safe for visiting it.
In 1992 there was the attack of the building of the parliament that we see from the above photograph which is from the article for the war in Bosnia from en.wikipedia.org. In the following photograph we see the building from October 1996 (my first visit in Sarajevo).
The following photograph is from August 2007, 11 years since my first visit in Sarajevo. As I read in the article about Sarajevo in en.wikipedia.org, the building has been reconstructed in 2007 with 80% support from the Greek government (Hellenic Program of Balkans Reconstruction) and 20% by the Bosnian government. The following photographs are from the "Unis" towers (October 1996). These twin towers were a symbol of union between the nationalities in Sarajevo.
If you visit today Sarajevo you will the reconstructed towers (photograph August 2007). In the ground floor of the towers there is a shopping mall, some banks etc.
It is a pity to see the bombarded building of the central library. The photograph is from October 1996, but the building hasn't reconstructed till today.In the following photograph we see part of the library, August 2007. The posters that we see are from the International Film Festival that took place in Sarajevo last August.The following photograph is from the hotel Holiday Inn (August 2007). It is located close to the twin towers "Unis" that we have already seen.
In the following photographs (October 1996) we see "Sarajevo roses". A Sarajevo Rose is a concrete scar caused by a mortal explosion. Mortar rounds landing on concrete create a unique fragmentation pattern that looks almost floral in arrangement. Isn't it poetic and macabre to call these patterns Sarajevo roses?
In the following photograph we see a photo from a tram from October 1996. Here we were approaching the bombarded building of journalists.
The bombarded building of the journalists (October 1996).
The following photographs (October 1996) are from airport region of Sarajevo. Most of the building were bombarded and was difficult to approach the buildings because of the mines.
The following photographs of Sarajevo are also from October 1996. That time, you could see many military jeeps/troops in the city. That time it was also quite dangerous to walk in the city during the night. Today you can't see pictures like these, Sarajevo is a touristic city, full of bars, restaurants and tourists.
Sarajevo is the "Prague" of the Balkans. If you visit this city, you will love it. We can see it also to the graffiti in the following photo (October 1996).
That time, the Greek director Teo Aggelopoulos shot some plans for the excellent movie "Ulysses gaze" in Sarajevo. In the following video we see some plans from that movie in Sarajevo. As you can imagine, that time wasn't so difficult to find a film ruins:

Related to Sarajevo is my old post: Aug-2007: Sarajevo Film Festival: "j'aime le cinema! et j'aime sarajevo!". Talking about music there is also the excellent music group: "Mostar Sevdah Reunion" from the city of Mostar in Bosnia. Abroad (mostly outside of Bosnia) is very famous the Bosnia-Serb musicial Goran Bergović (but Bregović has been accused on several occasions of 'stealing' original Romani and folk music of the Balkans and ultimately rewriting and branding it as his own creation.

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