2007: Best published photos / About eggs-in-art blog.

The first post in this blog has been published one year ago (1st January 2007) and today I will publish a list of the best photographs. It also time to define what eggs-in-art blog is about ;-).

About eggs-in-art:
  • Black & white photographs (also some color). I am working as an amateur photographer since 1994 and in this blog I publish my photographs. If you like my photographs check all the blog posts of this blog ;-).
  • Video. Since 2005 I am working as an amateur with video editing/directing. My first example of work is the video from Samothrace island: Samothrace.Odyssey. I have two open projects (amateur always) with video editing: I want two finish 2 documentary videos, one about the Gökçeada (Ίμβρος) island in Turkey and one about Rodope region of West Thrace (Greece). An example of the beginning of the documentary of Gökçeada movie is here and an example of video from Rodope is here (unfortunately the videos are only in Greek language, but when I will finish these videos I will add subtitles in English). When the videos will be finished I will upload to a peer-to-peer network for download under creative common license.
  • Presentation of famous or not famous photographers. You can see an example of post about famous photographers here and here.
  • Technical and historical posts about photography.
  • Travel tips or presentations. Because when I am traveling I am taking mostly photographs I publish some practical issues, ie. where to stay budget etc. An example of post like that is here.
Best published photos 2007 / eggs-in-art:

Jan-1995: Portrait of an old man in the train from Predeal to Bucharest.

Jan-2003: Gypsy nearby the train rails, FYROM.
29-Jan-2005: Ano Birsini, Rodopi mountains, Greek-Bulgarian borders.
Aug-2002: Dimitris - Samothrace.
31-Mar-2007: Chara in Exarchia, Athens, Greece.
15-May-2006: Balkanatolia music group, Train Station of Komotini, Rodopi, Greece.Oct-2006: Coffe-house in Agridia (Tepekoy), Imbros (Gökçeada), Turkey.
Aug-2002: Portrait of Stratigula, Greece.
July-1994: Omi, Cora & Dan, Bucuresti, Romania.
Jul-Aug 1999: Three men, Aleppo, Syria.26-Aug-2006: Traditional oil wrestling, Rodopi, Greece.
04-Apr-2007: Pomac bee-keeper, Ano Birsini, Rodopi, Greece.
Guča/Serbia Aug-2007: Black and white images, part 1/5.Guča/Serbia Aug-2007: Black and white images, part 3/5.Guča/Serbia Aug-2007: Black and white images, part 4/5
21-Sep-2007: Traveling by train from Den Haag - (via) Leiden - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.7-Oct-2007 and 24-Jun-2007: Portraits of Eleni.
15-Oct-2007: Flea market close to metro Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, Moscow, Russia.27-Apr-2005: Portrait of a French guy in Budapest, Hungary.

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